UnityXR Hand Poser


XR Hand Poser

XR Hand Poser is a hand posing solution asset built for the UnityXR Interaction Toolkit, specifically for virtual reality. This asset only relies on UnityXR and requires no third-party tools or assets. You can design your assets for more immersive and intuitive content onto Unity's in-house XR Interaction system and toolkit. No immersion breaking, such as creating games with hands that disappear when you grab objects. You can easily add or create hand poses and animations without having to relyon Animator controllers and keeping track of unity animations and string-based names. The Hand Posing system is built abstracted from UnityXR and can be modified to work with other interaction systems.

This tool also includes β€œextras,” such as VR Ready guns with firing mechanics and recoil, shooting mini-games, extra interactables (i.e. doors, sliding drawers, rotating knobs, levers) to help jump-start your VR game.

XR Hand Poser also includes:

-Robot VR Hands

-One Rifle

-One Plasma Shotgun

-One Hand Gun

-Two different target shooting games with difficulties

-Fire Throwing Magic Pickup

-Updated/Modified Interactions from Unity's VR Beginner: escape room including rotating knobs, sliders,and levers

-Door with a handle to open and close

All assets in this project are owned and from Official Unity Projects (except for MikeNspired handgun asset).

Please provide and report feedback, bugs, and requests for features to continually upgrade this product.

Version 1.0 (June, 2020)

Current version only supports Kinematic and Velocity tracking from UnityXR.

Next version will support instantaneous and include two-handed grabbing items such as the rifle.